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A Successful Creative Aging Program (see video)

To date, I have delivered more than forty different 45-minute storytelling shows to three assisted living and memory care facilities in Tucson, Arizona. Most recently, I have added three new audiences in Green Valley in La Posada (La Via, La Hacienda and La Joya).

The format of each show includes a personal memory tale with related artifacts to recall memories from the 1930s to 1950s. Each session also includes world folktales relating to the subject or theme of the day. I have found this to be an effective creative aging format for elder audiences.

Today, more people than ever before are aware that storytelling entertains as it provides listeners with opportunities to be engaged in the moment. A story often activates related memories and encourages folks in the audience to respond by sharing a memory or story.

Although I am not formally educated in the field of senior care or therapy, I have years of experience as a performer addressing the needs and interests of people of all ages and from every walk of life. I constantly strive to be sensitive and selective about telling stories with meaning for each audience where I am invited to perform. I do this by coordinating what I do with the working professionals in each situation.

(Letters of recommendation: Spargo and Shattuck)

If you are looking for a creative aging program for the residents you serve, I invite you to contact me (phone: 520. 629.0270 or 520.235-4171 or email) to discuss the idea of adding this successful program to your line-up.

"Glenda puts a phenomenal amount of work into each storytelling session and organizes each session around a theme. She begins with a personal story, a memory that relates to the theme, and then offers two more stories that come from an international oral tradition."

- Sandra D. Shattuck, PhD
Tucson, AZ

What's Glenda Up to Now?

Super Hero Squirrely Shirley: Ready to Save the Wetlands!


First show of the summer season will be in Oro Valley, AZ at the Public Library, 1305 W Naranja, - 2:00 pm on Friday, June 5.

This year, with help from her friends in the audience, Squirrely Shirley will be sharing stories, fun activities and ideas about how everyone can help keep the wetlands in good condition so people and creatures can enjoy the delights that can only be found in riparian zones.

What is a riparian zone, you ask? A riparian zone is the area where water and land meet.

You can find these environmental areas next to ponds, lakes, rivers and oceans around the world. Riparian zones are very important for the health of plants, animals, and even people!

Squirrely Shirley and her storytelling sidekick, Glenda Bonin, will soon be taking this program on tour to various State and National Parks, schools and libraries around the country.

For more information and to book a show when we are in your area, just drop us a line via email, or give us a call (520.629.0270).

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